CASPAR 02 - Closing of Phase 1

CASPAR 02 Eurostars machine learning neural network phase 1 project

Posted on 23 June, 2017 by Administrator

In mid June the first phase of the project was successfully completed. The team worked hard during the first 6 months and all project deliverables were produced as anticipated.  With the help of an external company as a consultant, A Data Pro managed to identify the right framework, algorithms and open-source libriries and to specify the structure of the artificial neural network.  The team created a golden standard and specific datasets to be used for the...

CASPAR 02 First project meeting

CASPAR 02 meeting project

Posted on 20 March, 2017 by Administrator

At the beginning of March, Vladimir Petkov (Project Manager, A Data Pro), Konstantinos Smagas (Project Manager, GEO Imaging) and Eleni Valari (Software engineer, GEO Imaging) attended the first project meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus. The goal of the meeting was to present the partner's achievements and deliverables and to further plan and coordinate the project work for phase 1.

CASPAR 02 Kick-off meeting

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Posted on 23 January, 2017 by Administrator

On 19.01.2017 at the premises of A Data Pro office, the project partners attended the kick-off project meeting for the start of the project. A Project Steering Commettee, a Scientific Commettee and an Administrative Commettee was appointed. During the meeting the project members covered all important project topics, such as: - research, administrative and supporting activities related to the R&D and experimental development of the project products for phase 1...

CASPAR 02 – Research contribution to semantic technologies and machine learning

CASPAR 02 Eurostars project Semantic analysis

Posted on 10 January, 2017 by Administrator

On Dec 16 2016,  A Data Pro  officially signed a funding contract for its latest R&D project. It is named CASPAR 02 (Combined Automated Semantic Processing Array). And no, we promise not to contribute to the robot apocalypse. Skynet is still not science, just fiction. What we hope to contribute to is the growing body of research that deals with semantic technologies and machine learning. The project is funded through the  Eurostars 2.0 initiative , an EU-run research and development...
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