The Combined Automated Semantic Processing Array– v.02 

Why do you need CASPAR 02?

NN-based machine learning

CASPAR 02 will structure content automatically, will process unfamiliar data through association - based on the "overlapping" of relationships and entities discovered in the content.

Semantic data processing

The platform will offer further analysis of the structured data using clustering, proximity and similarity methods.

Cluster/tag of images

Being based on NN technology, CASPAR 02 will be able to process/cluster/tag images as well as text, effectively covering mixed content or combining information streams form different sources.

Free of charge

We will offer the processing of smaller data sets for free.

Flexibility and availlability

CASPAR 02 will be available as a hosted service and as an on-perm solution.

Quick and efficient processing of content

CASPAR 02 aims to change the market value chain, bringing the tools of analysis closer to the final user.